Prototype development

Hardware components: injection moulding, moulded foam, 3D printing.
Electronic components: control boards, measurement technology.
3D printing for demo objects, pre-series components and small batches.


Series transition and production planning

Adaptation of existing or self-developed hardware components.
Optimisation of electronic components for series production.
Production of small series of circuit boards and component optimisation.
Implementation of a quality management system and certification work.


Automation technology

Automation of production processes (workflow optimisation).
Programming of hardware and software interfaces (e.g. for robot control).
Construction of automation systems (e.g. for process automation)


Vending and dispensing machines Special solutions

Vending terminals for pharmacies with storage robot.
Dispensing machines for hotels and business locations.
Self-service terminals and payment terminals.

Our Services

Welcome to our company, where innovation meets excellence. We specialize in prototype development, series transition, production planning, and cutting-edge automation technology. Our expertise extends to creating specialized solutions for vending and dispensing machines, tailored to your unique needs. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, we're your trusted partner from concept to production. Join us on the journey to enhance efficiency, productivity, and success in your industry.


Product development

ADC Prototyping prides itself on providing its customers with high quality prototypes that meet the highest quality standards.

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3D Druck-Service

Our team offers over 10 years of experience in the field of additive manufacturing of industrial components

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In order to produce on time and cost-efficiently, the establishment of precisely coordinated, holistic, simultaneous production planning is essential.

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Automation technology

As an automation service provider, we rely on a combination of integration, innovation and offer support from conceptual solution development to production.

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Why You Should Choose Us?

Innovation at the Core: We live and breathe innovation, constantly pushing boundaries to deliver solutions that exceed expectations.
Customer-Centric Approach:Your success is our priority. We listen to your needs, understand your vision, and tailor our services to match your specific requirements.
Expert Team:Our team comprises highly skilled professionals with years of experience in their respective fields, ensuring top-notch quality and efficiency in every project.
Dedication to Excellence:We are committed to delivering excellence in everything we do, from concept to execution, ensuring the highest standards of quality and performance.
Collaborative Partnerships:We believe in fostering long-term, collaborative partnerships that drive mutual growth and success.

  • Prototype Development
  • Series Transition and Production Planning
  • Automation Technology
  • Vending and Dispensing Machines
  • Special Solutions
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Pellentesque eleifend euismod sapien non egestas. Donec ante sapien, semper tristique nulla vitae, porttitor consequat nisi.
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